Anne body balancing client experience

I am from a Psychology and Criminology background. For 3 years I have been looking for that therapy to make me well from inside as well as externally – to achieve that complete happiness feeling but feelings of being totally balanced from the Mind & Body.

3 years ago I began to feel unwell; suffering from recurring kidney infections leaving me in hospital every time. My health started plummeting as I was getting little amounts of broken sleep, unable to keep food down and keep to any form of routine due to my unexpected but rapid flares of infections. These could last up to a week, if not longer, before I was feeling energetic again. Everything felt upside down. I was being passed pillar to post amongst health practitioners who could not find the cause of the problem or even tell me what the problem was.

My physical health started impacting my mental health and in turn started affecting my family and those closest to me; everybody was walking on egg shells around me, not knowing what was going to trigger a burst of frustration. I was feeling stressed out all the time and very uptight, I really did not know what was going on with me and taking it out on everyone! I came across the Bio resonance treatment and I gave it a try, working very closely with Perm who I felt really understood what I was going through. Perm was able to see that my physical health was out of sync with my mental health and I needed some form of release. She understood my frustrations and that I needed a way of sorting out this unexplained mess of my health.

It was an exhilarating experience – working at all levels even exits! Working at all levels with deep mind, body & soul work, using unique technology which gives you a body profile and treats the unbalances in the body at the same time. It’s just amazing!

I was so impressed from the Bio Resonance feedback and treatment that I decided to have some more sessions and believe it has helped me turn my life around. I’m feeling more settled, less stressed and I am pulling myself together. I am calmer and enjoy life feeling more alive.
The treatments have helped me let go of all the built up tension and frustration and my life feels as though it has more clarity. It’s as if the clouds have cleared and the sun is shining! Leaving me feeling refreshed and alive.


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