Massage – Client Experiences


I have experienced many Indian Massages but can truly say that the treatment I received was amazing. As soon as I arrived I felt relaxed. The whole experience was very enjoyable and I would recommend this treatment to anybody, especially those people who suffer from migraines, tightness in their shoulders and eyestrain.
Sharn, Warwick


I was very relaxed and stress free after just one session. You really do have a magic touch in your hands. It is hard to find professionals who truly care about their clients on a personal level. I would definitely recommend the head massage to anyone who feels stressed out or just needs a relaxing time.
Renee, Warwick


Working at a desk all day I suffer with ongoing posture problems. The pain had become unbearable starting with tension in my neck, shoulders and pain in my arms. This led to headaches and making me feel unwell. The moment Perm worked with me I could tell her massage was different. After a couple massages I felt the pain had been removed from my upper body and head.
Perky, Leamington Spa


Running two businesses, looking after a 2 year old and juggling housework with family life is enough to give anyone stress. Since Perm has come into my life, she has worked her magic I feel empowered and motivated as if ‘I am on top of the world’.
NR, Leamington Spa


Perm gave me a massage in the treatment room which was lovely, warm, welcoming and clean. I had a full body massage which was wonderful; I had been particularly stressed and could feel my body was quite tense. After the treatment I did not feel hurried to leave. I was thoroughly relaxed, and felt like I was floating on a cloud. I had a comfortable night sleep and my body smelt lovely after the products used.
Rebecca, Coventry


I had been having severe headaches and as a result my nerves were in need of some therapy. Perm immediately put me at ease pointing out that this treatment was all about my needs and requirements and if at anytime I wasn’t comfortable or unsure to let her know. I came away relaxed and re-energised. It felt like I had been away on holiday!
KD, Leamington Spa