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So many incredible ladies in one place!

14 November 2018

So many incredible ladies in one place! So many incredible ladies in one place!

Women can achieve so much

The women of the year event 2018

was fabulous to attend the Women of the Year event again this year. As in previous years, I was left both humbled and inspired by so many incredible ladies in one place. There was a treat in store for us all, in the form of Helen Pankhurst, Granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst, suffragette and all round super-hero. Helen is quite extraordinary too and more than lives up to, and cements her legacy. She is a senior adviser for Care international, championing not only women’s right but a diverse range of projects including sanitation, urban and rural development. She was as expected, thoroughly inspirational and consolidates in my mind, how we must never be complacent and strive towards helping our fellow women when and where we can. It’s the 100 year anniversary since women we’re given the vote and we’ve come a long way, but there is further to go.

The nominated charity this year was one that has a special place in my heart too. Revitalise, is the UK’s largest provider of respite holidays for disabled people and their carers. The vast majority of unpaid carers are women, so this fantastic charity helps to give everyone a break and is such a worthwhile cause to support.

In a year full of injustices to women, the #metoo campaign came to prominence shouting loud and proud that it is simply not OK to mistreat women, and was mentioned in the introduction. I felt a change and hope that we continue to stick up for one another and find more strength and courage to call out those who choose to treat us unfairly or badly.

The Royal Air Force won the achievement award and worthy winners they were too. I feel it’s so important to note how well men and women can work together side by side and achieve amazing things. We can love, support and help each other regardless of our sex. So it’s a hearty cheer to our supportive men folk too.

I can’t leave the blog without mentioning our host, Arti Hali, she kept us all entertained and informed in what truly was a memorable and inspiring day.

Inspiring people! Inspiring people!

Inspiring people!

Big congratulations to the Royal Air Force Big congratulations to the Royal Air Force

Big congratulations to the Royal Air Force