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Do you need to get rid of confusion, clutter & stress? Or do you simply need time out to switch off?

With “Return to YOU” – Half Day Programme you will…

  • Empower yourself.
  • Be encouraged to hit the pause button to reset & reconnect with yourself.
  • Feel light, super-supple & earthed leaving you energised and refreshed.
  • Create success by dissipating the feeling of being  overwhelmed.

Find out how you can achieve a balanced, tranquil & serene body & Mind quicker than you ever thought possible.


How the “Return to YOU” Programme transports you to clarity  & Re Energises YOU:bio-resonance-reiki-spa-therapies-unique-therapies

The first phase begins!

Restoring you , begins  in the Wellness consultation whilst touching base the gentle technology starts working on balancing the imbalances from the inside, gently kick starting the body to allow healing for your maximum benefit, to relax  and enjoy the  rest of the treatment.


Head to Toe Energy starts to return to youoil

Starting the Treatment with the deep scalp Indian head massage helps to quieten the mind and accomplishing the same to the body with the  full body massage combined both with energy Reiki healing  aid in your wellness process and Bio Energy Balancing technology, which gently support you in the back ground to harmonise, balance and kick start you .


Bio Energy Balancing Digital Health Technology

Bio Resonance:

A safe and innovative therapy that uses technology to fine-tune your body’s energy. We can measure your energy in wavelengths and help correct any problems that disturb your natural flow.

Working at a significantly more advanced level in interfacing with the consciousness, Bio Resonance kick starts every energy system including chakras, meridians and subtlety encourages the body into working more efficiently; releasing, repairing and aligning mental, emotional and physical ailments. The snapshot scans will highlight imbalances and balances before and after treatment, as seen below showing the improvements that have been made.
This is shown in the illustration below:


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An investment in your health & wellbeing which offers a complete programme designed to help you boost and reconnect with yourself.
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