Major Shifts Deep Rooted Issues

Ready to take your health, and life, to the next level.

Unique Therapies uses cutting edge technology in energy therapy to help supercharge your life.This treatment works both at a conscious and subconscious level helping to balance you and get to the root of the solution. Working with you at a deep cellular level you get concrete results.

Our two main programs:

“Face your challenges” : – 6 weeks of gentle pace programming.
“Energetic intervention” : – 1- 4 weeks one of the deepest healing programmes.

Leaving you feeling energised, motivated and balanced.


Each treatment is non-invasive, no fuss and pain-free focusing on enhancing different parts of you effortlessly on the programme chosen for you. ‘Hands on’ energy healing is combined with all the sessions.

Why try bio-energy treatment?
  • Simple, effortless, effective and quick. Restore mental balance and clarity, making you productive in your career, business and life.
  • It moves blocked energy, giving you a renewed surge for life.
  • This technology can be used directly as a treatment, but also remotely to suit a busy lifestyle.

“Face your challenges” 6 weeks of gentle pace programming.

The phases to help you elevate your state of mind
  • Face your current challenges – identify major issues both in the conscious and subconscious mind
  • Reconnect and align to these challenges – encourages healing and changes
  • Raise vibration – allow yourself to become the creator of your reality
  • Feeling of bliss – create thinking space to help you unclutter your mind
  • Remove stagnant – we replace old ways of thinking, helping you be

Energetic Intervention programme – 1- 4 weeks

This programme dismantles barriers at a deep soul level, stubbornness, and rigidity of the mind, mostly a gradual effect(but sometimes instant) programme – one of the deepest healing programmes.

We are in it together

We work together to complete and achieve each stage. Comprehensive remote support during and after sessions is normal.

Patient Experience

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