I changed job after a long period with the same company. The transition was very unsettling bringing me bouts of anxiety, lack of clarity, feeling of being overwhelmed, doubtful of my abilities, uprooted and not belonging. I did not feel I was coping with the change of job and my new environment. I knew I had to get some kind of support to help me though this journey.

I am open to new therapies and I have tried a number with positive results, but I wanted something deeper and longer lasting. Discovering Bio Resonance, and the idea of a “reboot” of my “system” to get rid of accumulated negativity appealed to me.

I found the Bio Resonance sessions relaxed me and offered me enough mental space to get clarity by removing my anguish and anxiety. This allowed me to build perspective and acceptance in my life and to move on with the change. I now think medium and longer term while living the present as opposed to submitting to the present or fearing it.

You are connected to a system that reads the unbalances in your body and corrects them though sending pulses of very mild electric current. You do not feel anything – just a deep sense of relaxation and peace that comfort you into relaxing and sleeping. The sessions go very quickly and bring you back to a sense of self awareness and inner calm.

For me I used Bio Resonance for general wellbeing to strengthen the mind & body
After the treatment I felt refreshed and “in-tune”. This has really improved my ability to cope with change and to take things less personally.


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