My name is Nicola. I faced some challenges in both business and life before I connected with Perm and Unique Therapies; I had a complete block. I was frozen. I couldn’t make a change and I didn’t understand why or how to change it. I was prescribed anti depressants, however I did not want to be on these forever and I never imagined I could be depressed. I set out on a routine to help me get well, if I missed one part of this routine it through me into panic, which was followed by guilt. I chose to go to Perm to deal with my issues after meeting her at a Health & Wellbeing evening..

Perm suggested bio resonance as a treatment for how I was feeling; just speaking to Perm on the phone made me feel safe and so I decided to give it a go. Bio resonance recharged me, although slowly. Sometimes I would feel overwhelmed before I felt better. The time out during the treatment was a great therapy for my busy mind; I can only describe my life like a steamy window I couldn’t see through, after therapy with Perm, the steam started to dissolve and together we were able to create a clearer vision. Connection and updates with Perm were vital but then after this it was my relaxing and balancing time with this passive but gentle treatment. This innovative technology is worth a try, working with you at a deep level. After the treatment I cleared the house, made plans and I even started running. I could see the light again and smile without even knowing it!

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