It was wonderful to help celebrate women’s achievement nationwide at the recent Women of the Year event held in Birmingham.

This fantastic event helps to inspire women of all ages to achieve their potential and is something I whole heartedly support.

Director, Judy Groves explains: “…with the skills crisis at its peak we have to put an emphasis on promoting and inspiring young women to fulfil their potential in the business world, particularly in areas like engineering and science.”

And I couldn’t agree more, which is why it is so exciting to be working in the bio resonance technology field,  as I know this ’futuristic’ sounding energy treatment has only just begun and its potential is enormous.

President, Penelope Viscountess Cobham CBE tells us in her opening message that: ‘Gender equality is still a key challenge’ which is disappointing in modern times, but look how far we have come too, which this event highlights. 600 plus business women in one room makes for a lot of good energy!

Arti Halai was our presenter, she spent 15 years working in television, is co-founder of the Fleet Street Group and has set up a number of businesses. She’s also an NLP practitioner and life coach, which was all particularly inspiring.

There was an emergency services award which recognised all the great work women do in the most difficult of situations.

Fleur Sexton was the 2017 winner which made me very proud, as I used to account  manage her at the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber years ago. She is such a worthy winner. Co-founder of PET-Xi training, which she unbelievably set up in her spare bedroom and is now a UK wide business with 500 staff. The company delivers learning programmes to schools and businesses so is a tremendous support for youngsters. I was so pleased to see her win.

I always feel spurred on by these events, strong women sharing incredible journeys. Wonderful.