uniquetherapies Awaken your Mind & Body

Awaken your Mind & Body


Unique Therapies for optimal mental clarity, physical and spiritual health and well-being

Feel energised, motivated and balanced

Personalised treatments which get to the root of the issue effortlessly with our non-invasive, no fuss and pain-free solutions.

Our energy programmes use the latest in bioresonance technology alongside various ancient balancing techniques to deal with imbalances in your mind and body. Our bespoke therapies are different to more conventional treatments. Read more about bioresonance here Energy Medicine- Bio Resonance

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Awaken your Mind & Body



Awaken your Mind & Body


My Journey:

My life experiences and cultural background have contributed to my lifelong passion for health and wellbeing. I use natural ancient techniques alongside high-tech, cutting edge therapies to help you with the healing process which allows your mind, body and soul to be nurtured in a unique way.

As an integral part of my culture and daily life,  I was raised on these ancient therapies, which were used daily and intensively at times of illness,  to promote wellbeing. The teachings passed to me from my grandmother and mother allows me to blend ancient Indian treatments with modern energy promoting the balance of body and mind.

Understanding You:

I encourage wellness and good health by enabling the natural flow and energies back to the body to help restore harmony in your inner self. Having worked within the corporate world, I understand the associated stresses of a busy lifestyle; which is why Unique Therapies offers a range of programmes specifically designed to help you switch off and soothe the mind and body leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Each programme blends thousands of years of knowledge from the East and West, brought together through ancient and modern energy and balancing technology treatments.

Updating knowledge:

Research and study is a part of my process and I’m always updating my knowledge. In the early years of my journey I became a Reiki Master, including deep emotional healing Karuna Reiki and later in life I became a Quantum Holographic Echo Healing Practitioner. Combining all these therapies with energy balancing technology has helped me restore and heal myself as well as others.

Bio energy balancing technology

My drive and passion for Bio Resonance energy balancing therapy is borne from seeing first-hand the magnificence of its power. I was introduced to this safe and gentle innovative therapy which helped me regain my inner strength and allowed me to be more focused in both my career and my personal life. After the profound effect, Bio Resonance had on me I was driven to not only study this therapy but to invest in it and practice it too.

First Hand experience

From my personal experience I know and believe, I can use the same knowledge and experience to better the lives of others and help you achieve peace and feel recharged. It has motivated me to want to share my experiences and inspiration with others, so you too can benefit and make deep and insightful changes to your life.

The Necessary Qualifications
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For more information on your personal investment in yourself connect with Perm on 07539276741 or permbassi@uniquetherapies.co.uk



Awaken your Mind & Body


Awaken your Mind & Body

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