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Bioresonance Body Balancing With Scan Report

Body Balancing Experiences

Edward CEO: In-person & remote, body balancing
Minnie: In –person, body balancing
Ruth: In-person, face your challenges.
Sarah: In-person, body balancing

I approached Perm as I’d already heard about the benefits of Bioresonance therapy.  I had a number of areas that needed addressing and was trying to look for a modality of non invasive therapy to support my lifestyle.  I’m a working mother of one and lead a busy life with work and family commitments.  I sought a way to ensure I was running at optimum capacity and heard that bioresonance could bring dramatic shifts in the body and revitalise one’s energy. I’d been feeling I needed a boost and bit of a ‘reset’ to cope with work and family commitments.

I underwent both remote and clinic appointments and the combination worked very deeply and quickly.  A short succession of treatments brought around profound healing and balance. The therapy was very relaxing and often I’d feel the benefits that same day including higher energy levels, clarity of mind and calmness. 

I would recommend bioresonance to anybody who needs to support themselves through a stressful period in their lives or simply just to those wanting to invest in their health and keep working on  themselves to improve their health and well-being

Helen Monastero. In-person & remote, body balancing

Thank you Perm for working closely with me throughout the Bioresonance therapy and helping me to feel more balanced in myself
This therapy has immensely changed my outlook on life. It has balanced the reactions within my mind, body and spirit. Long-term apprehension, an overactive mind and physical responses to stress impacted my day-to-day function and of course my quality of sleep. The simple things felt heavy and hard to complete.
 Bio-resonance therapy is the future in my opinion. Today I can honestly say my body is more at peace, my mind feels re-energised and unplugged from old mental behaviours and habits. I live more in the present with a new found clarity and find the joy in simple things again.

I felt calm, re-energised, clear, optimistic, thankful, peaceful and still within, with a new found focus, and methods for change.

Thank you Perm for helping me through all this and feeling more balanced

Anthony James. In-person, body balancing

I had felt unwell for a while and was looking for a therapy to help me boost my energies and get my physical and mental performance back on track. I came across Perm and the unique therapies she worked with using bioresonance and ancient healing. 

I have been incredibly impressed how the bioresonance technology was working to rebalance and boost the entire body and mind at the same time, recording everything on a scan showing the improvements. This therapy was just what I needed as I had the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate whilst the therapy worked effortlessly.

 I feel energised, balanced and well boosted and the icing on the cake is that my golf has improved!

Caroline Woodward: Manager.  In-person, body balancing

After meeting Perm through a local networking group and hearing how her bioresonance programme had helped one of my friends, I decided to embark on my own programme. 

Four sessions later I feel that my body is more balanced and my energy has returned. My body feels less sluggish and my mojo has returned. Perm is a lovely lady, always smiling and full of sparkle. 

I'd highly recommend Perm's programmes to any busy business woman who just needs to get her body back on track

Nina  Musgrave: Marketing Director. In-person, body balancing

Energetic Intervention

Karen: In-person, combined energetic intervention & body balancing 
Nicola: In-person, combined energetic intervention & body balancing 
Laura: In-person, combined energetic intervention & body balancing 

I initially contacted Perm as I heard bioresonance could be helpful with food sensitivities but I also undertook a number of additional treatments.

I would describe the outcomes for me in a number of ways: illuminating – I have experienced a number of moments of great clarity that have gone to explain a number of issues I have faced.

It has been like a factory reset – you know, like when you reset a computer and get rid of all the cookies and apps that are slowing it down; and ultimately – transformational

​​​​​​​Julie Tomlinson: In-person, combined energetic intervention & body balancing

I met Perm nearly a year ago and was intrigued by bioresonance therapy. Finally after 6 months I decided to give it a go. I was fairly skeptical at first but I’m glad I decided to try it. Looking from the outside in - everything was going great in my life. But I knew emotionally and mentally I was in turmoil; feeling run-down and unhappy with myself and my life.

During the therapy as Perm was working on my body pulling out the blockages caused through suppressing the year’s negative emotions, I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. Especially around my head area – it was as if the black hole in my mind could be compared to the doors being flung open and light flooded in as the clearing happened where there was once a dark empty space.
The realisation hit home as to how I was holding on to the past. The events that had happened in my life were creating a heavyweight in my body creating low motivation and energy blockages. It’s a bit like not knowing what you’re holding till it’s gone so to speak.

Bioresonance therapy is a great practice that releases old issues and emotions that manifest themselves as energy blocks in our body. After they are released positive energy is reintegrated into the client. These energy shifts have the power to really positively transform how we experience life – it has definitely transformed mine

Anne-Marie Niemela: Managing Director. Fox Print Ltd. In-person, energetic intervention.

Face your Challenges

Lesley: In-person, face your challenges.
Neil: In-person, face your challenges.
Ruth: In-person, body balancing