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Bio Resonance Therapy
Bio Resonance Therapy

Bioresonance Therapy

Energy Therapy is a type of complementary therapy based on the belief that a vital energy flows through the human body. The goal of energy therapy is to balance and harmonise the various energetic flows in the body to help improve wellbeing.

One of the oldest forms of energy therapy is Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with roots back to 2500 years ago and practised all around the world using various therapies to help flow the energy in the mind and body including reiki to balance chakras, acupuncture to align meridians, and polarity therapy amongst others. 

Bioresonance therapy was invented (in Germany) in 1977 by Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Rasche and is an energy balancing system that harmonises you towards wellbeing based on the philosophies of TCM, Reiki and other energy therapies.  The technology helps align the energy in your body and aims to shift any blockages in your energetic flow.

Bio resonance encompasses all the understanding from neuroscience, energy remedies, anatomy and physiology, talking therapies, complementary therapies, including aligning meridians and chakra’s, and many more into a unique bioresonance analyser which during the therapy balances the imbalances in your body and mind.

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BODY - Balancing Wellness
Spirit - Energetic Intervention
MIND - Facing Your Challenges
Unique Therapies
Unique Therapies

What happens during the therapy…

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Bio resonance - in person

Will it work for me?

It’s best we have a conversation to see if we can help you in the same way it has worked for our other clients. Please see the testimonials page
I become a bioresonance therapist through my own profound experience of self transformation using this system.

Please read my story and you will see my thoughts.

What do I have to do?

Book a call with me and let’s discuss what results you are looking for, I will need to understand what you’re looking to achieve and whether my therapies are right for you.