Unique Therapies - Bio Resonance - Body Balancing & Mental Wellness
Unique Therapies - Perm Bassi
Unique Therapies - Perm Bassi

Awaken your mind & body 

Hi, my name is Perm and I’d like to tell you my story of using ancient therapies and bioresonance to heal myself and how my personal experiences led me to become a bioresonance practitioner. 

The beginning

The experiences and emotions we have at the beginning of our life journey often stay with us as we grow, and can have a profound effect on who we are as adults. My family originated from India, moving to the UK in the 1950s. My mother was very spiritual and practised ancient therapeutic techniques on me and with me as I grew up. These experiences had a great influence on me. I was brought up with a strong home and work ethic, and my empathy and support for others was encouraged at every stage. 

I always had a keen interest in learning new therapy techniques and practising what I had learnt in the holistic field. I constantly strived to share spirituality, wisdom, and how to create peace. For me, looking out for people just came from within. A lot of my training in various therapies would be done in the evenings or weekends, keeping my knowledge updated in the health and wellness field whilst I worked in the corporate world in the day. It was a passion and labour of love!

It was 2009...

...when it happened. What were these feelings? Why were they controlling my mind? I felt detached; something was missing. I was watching myself suffering, but I was scared to share these feelings with others. 

Whilst speaking to my spiritual teacher, I had an awakening. The loss of my father and the circumstances of his death at such an early time in my life had affected me deeply. His story had started to haunt me and I hadn’t been aware just how much it had troubled me and how I was carrying these negative emotions into my adult life. 
I lost hope and direction and I was struggling. Would I take my life, like my father? Did I even care? I wasn’t sure about anything.

I remember after his death...

...I had struggled to overcome daily challenges, both psychologically and emotionally. I would smell his clothes to feel close to him. I would always wait for him to come home. It was only later in life that my aunt completed the jigsaw puzzle of the circumstances around his death; the missing pieces I could never find. My father was hiding, he was lonely, depressed and felt  overwhelmed and didn’t know where to turn and made his escape route in the only way he knew how. I experienced many different therapies to try and help myself. 

Although they helped, I never felt a complete shift and continued to struggle day to day with the stress, vulnerability and anxiety kicking in from the unknown. 

My spiritual teacher then introduced me to what I call; ‘the Star Trek world!’. This was the idea that technology could be used to help with wellbeing. I had bioresonance therapy and jokingly said to my teacher that I had boarded the ‘Starship Enterprise’ and started on a rebalancing program. To my delight the bioresonance worked and it was sustainable too. I was so amazed by this therapy that I feel I needed to tell others who had tried other methods but not found a proper resolution. 

I started to introduce bioresonance alongside the other ancient therapies I practice to other people so they can experience full and rounded therapy.

Training, knowledge and experience 

  • Mental health First Aid - MHFA England
  • Anatomy and Physiology – Understanding the mind and body and its structure & functions
  • Bioresonance/Energy Balancing technology – Advanced bio energy system, with constant training on new programmes for rebalancing the mindset, emotional & physical health & wellbeing – assisting the lives of people using artificial intelligence to achieve fast results
  • Quantum Holographic Echo Techniques – working with the emotional
  • Karuna emotional Reiki & Reiki Master Degree Practitioner 
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner 
  • Indian Head Massage and other ancient balancing techniques 

My own experiences show me that wellness is such an important factor in living a satisfying life and it’s my pleasure and privilege to share the world of spirituality, wisdom and peace.

These teachings have allowed me to help you to hit the pause button to reset and reconnect with yourself by blending ancient therapeutic techniques with modern energy balancing to create total harmony for body and mind wellness.

I would be happy to tell you more about my experiences and see if this is a therapy that may help you too. Please book a call to have a chat with me about it.