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Unique solutions for energy clearing
Unique solutions for energy clearing


It is well understood that taking care of our minds’ wellbeing is as important as our physical health.  More and more we are learning how to best navigate challenging situations, be that in our working or personal life. But, occasionally it can all seem incredibly overwhelming and we begin to struggle. It is OK to not be OK and that is where Unique Therapies may fit in.

Spotting the signs

Never underestimate how much your body is affected by your emotions.

Today's modern world is busy, noisy and very demanding. To be at the top of your game you have to be physically fit AND also emotionally capable of dealing with everyday pressure to perform at your highest level.

Sometimes work pressure and life's challenges are too much to handle leading to overwhelm, apprehension and a cycle of feeling lost. This often leads to burnout and exhaustion, leaving you unable to make decisions and disconnected. Avoidance is not the solution; awareness is.


Through informed choices and realistic changes, you can achieve the equilibrium and energy that are so often missing. You may not know where to start, or don’t have the inclination or have too much or too little information.

I offer a range of complementary therapies including NLP, Reiki and Quantum Holographic Therapy; but one of my most popular choices is Bioresonance Therapy because it doesn’t involve too much talking, and it shows you where your energy is blocked in a report which will help you become aware of what’s going on in your body.

I like to check with my clients which therapies would be best for them. I offer a call to discuss this and my aim is to answer any questions you have and provide information you need to make a decision that will benefit you most as an individual and taking into consideration your own challenges and needs.

Unique Therapies get your confidence back
Unique Therapies get your confidence back
I feel alive again thanks to Bio Resonance
I feel alive again thanks to Bio Resonance
Unique Therapies - Look at me now
Unique Therapies - Look at me now

These are some of the benefits our client’s have experienced:

I am back to my confident and energetic self with a sense of calmness

Lesley Business owner

I’m Feeling vibrant and I’m back at the top of my game

Edward CE

Within 6 months I am able to get back to myself feeling refreshed, clarity and a weight been lifted off the shoulders.

Anne Professional

How does Bioresonance work?

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