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Since being attuned to Reiki I have felt an overwhelming desire to explore spiritual peace. Upon treatment at Unique Therapies the feeling of well being and gratitude that washes over the mind and body are a truly joyful experience.

Paul Gataaura: Experience Director. In-person, Reiki.

Reiki is a beautiful, peaceful therapy where the lovely energy can be experienced with Perm working though her palms which have help me rest and calm down and just feeling energised in myself.

Sharn: Practitioner. In-person, Reiki.

I really enjoyed working with Perm with her spirituality knowledge on Zoom. I was feeling I did not belong, feeling not good enough and a lot of sadness around a situation.

Talking me through my self-discovery I worked in the Quantum Holographic working with my higher frequencies to create harmony and balance with a situation. I can say that the situation improved and I felt more positive empowering emotion and belief. Very interesting to see things unfold!

Thank you! 

Sharon Frew: Remote, Quantum Holographic therapy. 

About 4 years ago I lost my job and was getting increasingly worried and more depressed regarding my job situation.  I was not getting any breakthroughs and felt something was blocking me.  Given my predicament and having tried all the normal routes, I thought I would give the Quantum Holographic Techniques therapy a go.  Working from aboard with Perm was a pleasure.  She looked after me and guided me through this therapy to change the blockages.  Not only did I feel energised but something definitely shifted after doing the work.  I started receiving responses to my emails and the introductions and interviews started to come through.  I truly believe off the back of this work I found an amazing job which I am still working in today and absolutely loving!

Emma: Remote, Quantum Holographic therapy.