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Anne-Marie, remote, body balancing
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Anne-Marie, remote, energetic intervention

I had been struggling both physically and emotionally for quite awhile. I could not pinpoint where it started, or be able to put into words how I felt apart from feeling exhausted, lost and been on edge all the time.

I tried a few different therapies which made me a little happier but after having the non-invasive bioresonance therapy it somehow shifted the blockages completely. I felt energised, focused with clarity and not irritated as before.

Perm and I worked together on emotional and body balancing therapy which gave instant personalised feedback. I found Perm’s empathy and professionalism was an added bonus to my therapy. Thinking outside the box and the knowledge I have gained certainly showed me how I have been helped to feel good about myself and aligned! Thank you!

Sharan. Remote:, combined energetic intervention & body balancing 

I’ve been having remote bioresonace balancing via Perm for the last few years over a distance of 320 miles. I always know when the program is running. I was initially sceptical but very quickly changed my mind when the results appeared. Highly recommended.

Manjit Saggu: Stress Free IT. Remote, body balancing.

My name is Veronika.  I worked with Perm at the beginning of the year when I felt I needed some support with feeling stuck, impatient, I needed to be in control of outcomes in situations, putting too much pressure on myself which resulted with my energy being drained away. 

All the work was carried out remotely where Perm & I communicated regularly to check in how I was feeling and what I was experiencing. She offers reassurance and guidance through the process.  The total body and mind boost was the initial two treatments I had so I could see the changes within the feedback scan. I felt the benefits immediately, waking up feeling more refreshed than usual.

I decided to do the 6 week Face your Challenges programme that Perm created which helped me shift and support me on a number of levels. It started and sped up a process that catalysed a series of events towards internal change and deepened my awareness of my limiting patterns.

It catapulted me into sorting out the internal blockages that were holding me back allowing myself inner belief. I feel more balanced in my personal level and more successful in business.  I feel more focused, fuller and detached from issues I was carrying around internally. Perm went above and beyond to make me feel completely supported and heard. I’d highly recommend her as a practitioner.

Veronika: Remote, combined face your challenge & body balancing. 

Dear Perm, I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and support and the healing practice I received. It was a lovely experience to come to you and have our first session together. I felt comfortable, safe and cared for.
Perm I came to you on the 30th June. I had completed years of personal development and healing using traditional and some alternative methods, but I still felt as if there was a blockage somewhere in my body. The energy was not flowing and my confidence had been knocked by some personal and business events and nasty experiences with co-workers.

This led to a physical and emotional breakdown in my health. Being resilient I bounced back into action, but I really felt my energy and drive had gone out of me and that there were physical limitations as my body felt weak and needed strengthening. I was also fearing failure and my courage was not where it needed to be, so I felt held back and not at my best. It felt like a struggle.

During the first session and after a thorough professional consultation, I was hooked up to the machine. The machine was calibrated and set to work. It was really weird because I could almost feel something travelling around my body seeking out the imbalances. It was not unpleasant. I then was set up with a program and was left for about 40 minutes whilst the program started working on those imbalances in the session. Again I could feel something going on in my body and even could tell when it was working on my teeth area, but most of the time I was drifting in a relaxed state, helped with a hands-on healing by Perm. It was a pleasant experience all round, I felt a slight shift and looked forward to the follow up remote sessions.

After the first direct session the rest of the 4 sessions were carried out remotely. This included the total balancing session where the Energetic Intervention programme was added to address and help/balance with the deep issues I was carrying around. 
The combination of Body Balancing and Energetic Intervention programmes  were used to help shift blocked energies. Perm you kept in touch and emailed me the results to show the improvements and to find out how I was, so you could tweak the interventions further. We had great conversations which I appreciated.

At the end of the therapy I felt I had been listened to. I was able to tell you what I was feeling and somehow was able to tell you what still felt out of balance or needed strengthening and so together in partnership we worked on the ongoing tweaking and you recalibrated the remote therapy to address each of these things.
I could definitely feel that something was shifting and actually at first became a bit hyper – with too much energy coursing through my body!!! We soon rebalanced that though – and to be honest it seemed miraculous given how low energy and unmotivated I had felt at the start.

Now the therapy has concluded, I can honestly say I felt a huge difference. I feel the negative dark stuff has been cleared out, I’m experiencing clarity, purpose, drive and energy – much more like my old self – only more centred and balanced. 

Thank you so much Perm for all you have done. I can only say that I would highly recommend this therapy for everyone who is feeling the way I did.  Even those who might be a bit sceptical. I can attest to the fact the therapy can be felt and provides support and a springboard to propel you forwards with rekindled enthusiasm and passion.

Rain Hitchman: MD & Co-Founder Neuro Transform. Remote, combined energetic intervention & body balancing