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Bioresonance Energetic Intervention Rapid Emotional Balancing

Karen: In-person, combined energetic intervention & body balancing 
Nicola: In-person, combined energetic intervention & body balancing 
Laura: In-person, energetic intervention

I initially contacted Perm as I heard bioresonance could be helpful with food sensitivities but I also undertook a number of additional treatments.

I would describe the outcomes for me in a number of ways: illuminating – I have experienced a number of moments of great clarity that have gone to explain a number of issues I have faced.

It has been like a factory reset – you know, like when you reset a computer and get rid of all the cookies and apps that are slowing it down; and ultimately – transformational

​​​​​​​Julie Tomlinson: In-person, combined energetic intervention & body balancing

I met Perm nearly a year ago and was intrigued by bioresonance therapy. Finally after 6 months I decided to give it a go. I was fairly skeptical at first but I’m glad I decided to try it. Looking from the outside in - everything was going great in my life. But I knew emotionally and mentally I was in turmoil; feeling run-down and unhappy with myself and my life.

During the therapy as Perm was working on my body pulling out the blockages caused through suppressing the year’s negative emotions, I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. Especially around my head area – it was as if the black hole in my mind could be compared to the doors being flung open and light flooded in as the clearing happened where there was once a dark empty space.
The realisation hit home as to how I was holding on to the past. The events that had happened in my life were creating a heavyweight in my body creating low motivation and energy blockages. It’s a bit like not knowing what you’re holding till it’s gone so to speak.

Bioresonance therapy is a great practice that releases old issues and emotions that manifest themselves as energy blocks in our body. After they are released positive energy is reintegrated into the client. These energy shifts have the power to really positively transform how we experience life – it has definitely transformed mine

Anne-Marie Niemela: Managing Director. Fox Print Ltd. In-person, energetic intervention.