After suffering with depression and anxiety for years and encountering extreme low points in my life and feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere with the ‘normal’ treatments, I turned to Unique Therapies for help. I invested in the “Face your Challenges” programme which helped me have an awakening with ongoing support from the stress pebble. Using the latest technology it allowed me to find parts of myself I didn’t even know existed. It helped me open my eyes to the world that’s out there rather than the dark world that was in my head. “Face your challenges” is literally what this treatment did for me – it cleared and tided the chaos leaving me feeling lighter, decluttered, peaceful and it has given me clarity to think! You have to remember this authentic treatment will help to make major shifts at a cellular level and can take you to those dark places to help you repair and recover! With continuous remote support from Perm, even between sessions, I did get through it! I can feel the changes when I know I am smiling and laughing from the inside and people around me have noticed the significant changes around me.

If you really want to do something about your ‘issues’ without having to rely on medication for the rest of your life to make yourself feel ‘stable’, I’d invest in this program. Even writing about my experience has me smiling like a loon because for the first time since I finished the treatment, I’ve took a step back and I’ve actually seen how far I’ve came and how much I’ve developed!
Josh Watson, Warwickshire

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