Recently, I was invited along to a Woman Who event run by Sandra Garlick which was held at Twycross Zoo and hosted by CEO, Dr Sharon Robe.  I was a finalist in the Innovation in Technology division of their awards and was invited to talk more about what I do.

It was such a lovely and open event and before I knew it, I felt comfortable enough to touch on my own healing journey. I’m used to talking about health, wellbeing and how I can help people with spirituality, energy and technology; but it’s quite rare that I open up about myself. It felt a safe place to share how I used various techniques to heal myself.

This is my story.

When I was a little girl, my father took the decision to take his own life. Although it is a distant memory, I remember how it felt.  Police, people in the bedroom, my father’s lifeless body, my mother distraught.  My last memory of my dad is him wrapped in a blanket with his feet sticking out from under as the ambulance men took him away.


Days, weeks and months followed and each day I waited for him to return, not really understanding what had happened (back then, in my culture discussing this wasn’t an option).  I would take his clothes from the wardrobe and smell them, just to be near to him.

The pain made its way through my body and I started to display physical symptoms.  Nail biting was quite a mild one, then I developed large spots in my scalp resulting in my hair being cut off.  And then there was the emotional impact; I became withdrawn but the world still saw the smiling bouncing kid.  I locked all my other emotions inside of me until they became a distant memory.

The dynamic of the family changed, Dad’s brother and wife stepped in to help us all and looked after us alongside my mother into our adult life. We were all battling with our grief and trying to make sense of what had happened, asking the questions: ‘Was there something we could have done?’, Were there any signs?’

Monkey arrived

This is when monkey arrived. My kind uncle bought me a monkey puppet which became a big part of my healing.  I called it a him (don’t ask me why!).  I kept him near me and would speak to him when I was in pain.  I carried on as best as I could and as normal as possible.

As I became an adult and engrossed in life, I realised that there was still a lot of work to be done on myself as nothing sat completely right.  I had therapy and tried meditation but something at a very deep level needed changing and shifting. My spiritual teacher at the time had heard about this new technology which helped to shift energy blockages in your mind and body.

During the first few sessions I was thinking, really?  But after I saw and felt the results, I decided this was powerful energy and I decided to study it; and I am now a full practitioner.

I ended my talk explaining how my own experience has made me passionate about helping people and why I use spirituality and technology together to heal…because I’ve been there.

Found you again

So where does the monkey fit back in to my story?  Imagine my surprise when I walked through the shop at Twycross Zoo after telling my story and right there I found a monkey, just like the one that had helped me all those years ago! It was like meeting an old wonderful friend. The timing was extraordinary, the timing was right.