I had become stagnant and wasn’t flowing freely in life. I felt I was stopping myself out of fear and getting sucked into thinking limiting thoughts and beliefs. There were certain blocks within me which I admit I didn’t want to delve into which meant I was neglecting areas in my life where I needed to give myself more love and care. I heard bio resonance works with your cells and physical body to uncover what’s truly going inside. I was fascinated because talking about things and trying to figure them out can be subjective; whereas this is a technology which uncovers the traumas we’ve become so used to hiding that we’re unaware they still exist and can be triggered at certain times if not dealt with or brought to light. The “Face your Challenges” programme helped me regain my confidence and self-love. When I first came face to face with the blockages I had within I realised what self-love truly was and that my self-love was all on the surface. I feel I am myself again; the girl who sees the world as her oyster who sees the abundance of opportunities and fun in life. I’ve let go of attachments to expectations and trust that something better is meant for me. I feel carefree and confident.

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