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Energetic Intervention programme

Rapid, intense release of deep issues allowing you to operate at your highest level.

I initially contacted Perm as I knew that bioresonance could be helpful with food allergies. In addition to that I undertook a number of additional treatments. I would describe the outcomes for me in a number of ways: illuminating – I have experienced a number of moments of great clarity that have gone to explain a number of issues I have faced: it has been like a factory re-set – you know, like when you re-set a computer and get rid of all the cookies and apps that are slowing it down; and ultimately – transformational.

​​​​​​​Julie Tomlinson Director at TK Law

I met Perm nearly a year ago and was intrigued by the Bio Resonance Treatment I spoke to her about. Finally after 6 months I decided give this a go. I was fairly skeptical first but I am glad I decided to give it a go. Everything looking from the outside in was going great in my life but I knew emotionally and mentally I was in turmoil with the feeling of being run down and unhappy with myself and life. During the treatment as Perm was working on my body pulling out the blockages caused through suppressing the year’s negative emotions, I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. Especially around my head area – it was as if the black hole in my mind could be compared to the doors being flung open and light flooded in as the clearing happened where there was once a dark empty space. The realisation hit home as to how I was holding on to the past. The events that had happened in my life were creating a heavyweight in my body creating low motivation and energy blockages. It’s a bit like not knowing what you’re holding till it’s gone so to speak. Bio Resonance Treatment is a great practice that releases old issues and emotions that manifest themselves as energy blocks in our body. After they are released positive energy is reintegrated into the client. These energy shifts have the power to really positively transform how we experience life – it has definitely transformed mine!

Anne- Marie Niemela Managing Director Fox print ltd

Face Your Challenges

Gentle programme for greater mental clarity, focus and strength.

I changed job after a long period with the same company. The transition was very unsettling bringing me bouts of anxiety, lack of clarity, feeling of being overwhelmed, doubtful of my abilities, uprooted and not belonging. I did not feel I was coping with the change of job and my new environment. I knew I had to get some kind of support to help me though this journey.
I am open to new therapies and I have tried a number with positive results, but I wanted something deeper and longer lasting. Discovering Bio Resonance, and the idea of a “reboot” of my “system” to get rid of accumulated negativity appealed to me.
I found the Bio Resonance sessions relaxed me and offered me enough mental space to get clarity by removing my anguish and anxiety. This allowed me to build perspective and acceptance in my life and to move on with the change. I now think medium and longer term while living the present as opposed to submitting to the present or fearing it.
You are connected to a system that reads the unbalances in your body and corrects them though sending pulses of very mild electric current. You do not feel anything – just a deep sense of relaxation and peace that comfort you into relaxing and sleeping. The sessions go very quickly and bring you back to a sense of self awareness and inner calm.
For me I used Bio Resonance to gently give me mental clarity, focus and strength. After the treatment I felt refreshed and “in-tune”. This has really improved my ability to cope with change and to take things less personally.

Nico Manager

I had become stagnant and wasn’t flowing freely in life. I felt I was stopping myself out of fear and getting sucked into thinking limiting thoughts and beliefs. There were certain blocks within me which I admit I didn’t want to delve into which meant I was neglecting areas in my life where I needed to give myself more love and care. I heard bio resonance works with your cells and physical body to uncover what’s truly going inside. I was fascinated because talking about things and trying to figure them out can be subjective; whereas this is a technology which uncovers the traumas we’ve become so used to hiding that we’re unaware they still exist and can be triggered at certain times if not dealt with or brought to light. The “Face your Challenges” programme helped me regain my confidence and self-love. When I first came face to face with the blockages I had within I realised what self-love truly was and that my self-love was all on the I feel I am myself again; the girl who sees the world as her oyster who sees the abundance of opportunities and fun in life. I’ve let go of attachments to expectations and trust that something better is meant for me. I feel carefree and confident.


After suffering with depression and anxiety for years and encountering extreme low points in my life and feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere with the ‘normal’ treatments, I turned to Unique Therapies for help. I invested in the “Face your Challenges” programme which helped me have an awakening with ongoing support from the stress pebble. Using the latest technology it allowed me to find parts of myself I didn’t even know existed. It helped me open my eyes to the world that’s out there rather than the dark world that was in my head. “Face your challenges” is literally what this treatment did for me – it cleared and tided the chaos leaving me feeling lighter, decluttered, and peaceful and it has given me clarity to think! You have to remember this authentic treatment will help to make major shifts at a cellular level and can take you to those dark places to help you repair and recover! With continuous remote support from Perm, even between sessions, I did get through it! I can feel the changes when I know I am smiling and laughing from the inside and people around me have noticed the significant changes around me.
If you really want to do something about your ‘issues’ without having to rely on medication for the rest of your life to make yourself feel ‘stable’, I’d invest in this program. Even writing about my experience has me smiling like a loon because for the first time since I finished the treatment, I’ve took a step back and I’ve actually seen how far I’ve came and how much I’ve developed!

Josh Watson Marketing

I had no real ambition and I lacked self confidence, self esteem and general feel good factor these challenges stopped me from moving forward in my life. I knew I had to change but could not get out of the rut. It was difficult to identify what the treatment was doing to me, all I know was that there was something happening and I started to feel the ‘weight of emotion lift’ and week by week was feeling more positive.
It’s been approx 3 years since I have finished the treatment and overall I’m feeling a lot better. I have a new job which has many challenges and with this will come frustrations I’m sure. I am in a business which is demanding but does not have the aggressive nature that I have experienced in the past. I feel I am valued.

Chris Russon Manager

Body Balancing Experiences

Clear and Strengthen the body’s energy field leaving you feeling alert and refreshed.

I worked with Perm to try out her bioresonance system as part of an assessment when I was supporting her business and gaining clarity on her marketing message. I found bioresonance therapy very interesting because at first I was sceptical but once I saw the reports it picked up on things I didn’t even realise were actually a problem and things from long ago. I definitely noticed that over the treatments I started to feel a lot calmer and more focused. I would definitely say if you want to stay on good form and calm when you have a busy lifestyle, and other things haven’t really worked for you then try Bioresonance. It’s something you have to experience to understand how it will work for you and seeing the reports was an eye opener. Perm did treatments to me remotely as well which worked well as she ran them whilst I slept!

Minnie Von Mallinckrodt Grant Director 

I recently completed a four week programme with Perm on Body Boosting as I am preparing to run my first marathon and really felt like I needed something extra. I don’t know all the science behind the therapy and I would say when I started the programme I was open-minded enough to give it a try but not 100% convinced it would make a significant difference. Now I am continuing after my marathon with more treatment because it has done more than just boost my body. I moved around in a bit of a fog for a couple of weeks and I slept a lot more than usual but now I feel like a new woman! My mind is clearer and much more focused and my body feels ready (and even excited!) for the marathon in less than 2 weeks. Perm also adds her own bit of magic engaging with you and what is going on in your life throughout the process and doing remote treatment when you need it. I have loved being cared for by her over the last four weeks and she really makes the difference by explaining everything to you. I would highly recommend at least a four week course of treatment (any less and I feel you won’t really get a benefit) to anyone, especially if you are not sure if it will work. It’s certainly been a journey but I have come out the other side feeling like a much better version of me with Perm’s help

Sarah Windrum Managing Director

I had felt unwell for a while and was looking for a treatment to help me boost my energies and get my physical and mental performance back on track. I came across Perm and the unique therapies she worked with using biotechnology and ancient healing. I have been incredibly impressed how the Bio energy technology was working with the imbalances to boost the entire body and mind at the same time, recording everything on a scan showing the improvements. This treatment was just what I needed as I had the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate whilst the bio energy worked on the imbalances effortlessly. I feel energised, balanced and well boosted and the icing on the cake is that my golf has improved!

Caroline Woodward Manager 

After meeting Perm through a local networking group and hearing how her Bio Resonance programme had helped one of my friends, I decided to embark on my own programme. Four sessions later I feel that my body is more balanced and my energy has returned. My body feels less sluggish and my mojo has returned. Perm is a lovely lady, always smiling and full of sparkle. I’d highly recommend Perm’s programmes to any busy business woman who just needs to get her body back on track


Nina Musgrave Marketing Director

My first experience was mind blowing.  I was continuously feeling unwell and devoid of energy and sleep.  After a few treatments I was pain free and ready and able to do things, I felt alive again and full of energy – like someone had found the delete button and pressed it.

Mandy Jarvis Coventry

Remote Treatment - for clients with no time or not in the area

Clear and Strengthen the body’s energy field leaving you feeling alert and refreshed.

My name is Veronika.  I worked with Perm at the beginning of the year when I felt I needed some support with feeling stuck, impatient, needed to be in control of outcomes in situations, putting too much pressure on myself which resulted with my energy being drained away. All the work was carried out remotely where Perm & I communicated regularly to check in how I was feeling and what I was experiencing. She offer reassurance and guidance through the process.  The total body & mind boost was the initial two treatments I had so I could see the changes on the feedback. I felt the benefits immediately, with waking up feeling more refreshed than usual. I decided to do the 6 week Face your Challenges programme that Perm created which helped me shift and support me on a number of levels. It started and sped up a process that catalysed a series of events towards internal change and deepened my awareness of my limiting patterns. It catapulted me into sorting out the internal blockages that were holding me back allowing myself inner belief. I feel more balanced in my personal level and more successful in business.  I feel more focused, fuller and detached from issues I was carrying around internally. Perm went above and beyond to make me feel completely supported and heard and I’d highly recommend her as a practitioner.

Veronika Divincova Leader in health

Dear Perm, I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and support and the healing practice that I received. It was a lovely experience to come to you and have our first session together. I felt comfortable, safe and cared for.
Perm I came to you on the 30th June. I had completed years of personal development and healing using traditional methods and some alternative methods, but I still felt as if there was a blockage somewhere in my body. The energy was not flowing, and my confidence had been knocked by some personal and business events and nasty experiences with co-workers. This had led to a physical and emotional breakdown in my health. Being resilient I bounced back into action, but I really felt my energy and drive had gone out of me and that there were physical limitations as my body felt weak and needed strengthening. I was also fearing failure and my courage was not where it needed to be, so I felt held back and not at my best. It felt like a struggle.
During the first session and after a thorough professional consultation, I was hooked up to the unit. The unit was calibrated and set off on its findings. It was really weird because I could almost feel something travelling around my body seeking out the imbalances at a cellular level. It was not unpleasant. I then was set up with a program and was left for about 40 minutes whilst the program started working on those imbalances in the session. Again I could feel something going on in my body and even could tell when it was working on my teeth area, but most of the time I was drifting in a relaxed state, helped by a short hands on therapeutic treatment by Perm. It was a pleasant experience all round, I felt a slight shift and looked forward to the follow up remote sessions.
After the first direct session the rest of the 4 sessions were carried out remotely.
This included the overall balancing session where the Energetic Intervention programme was added to address and help/balance with the deep issues I was carrying around. 
These are the programmes that I worked with that helped the blockaded energies to be shifted. 
Total Body Balancing’ Clear and strengthen the body’s energy field leaving you feeling alert and refreshed.

The treatment went to the issues and addressed & balanced them at the same time. At the end of the treatment it gave me a personalised feedback on what needed to be regained before and after treatment.
SPIRIT ‘Energetic Intervention’ Rapid, intense release of deep issues allowing you to operate at your highest level

Perm you kept in touch and emailed me the results to show the improvements & to find out how I was so that you could tweak the interventions further. We had great conversations which I appreciated.
At the end of the treatment I felt that I had been listened to. I was able to tell you what I was feeling and somehow was able to tell you what still felt out of balance or needed strengthening and so together in partnership we worked on the ongoing tweaking and you recalibrated the remote to address each of these things.
I could definitely feel that something was shifting and actually at first became a bit hyper – with too much energy coursing through my body!!! We soon rebalanced that though – and to be honest it seemed miraculous given how low energy and unmotivated I had felt at the start.
Now the treatment is concluded I can honestly say I felt a huge difference. I feel that negative dark stuff has been cleared out, I am experiencing clarity, purpose, drive and energy – much more like my old self – only more centred and balanced. 
 Thank you so much Perm for all you have done. I can only say that I would highly recommend this treatment for everyone who is feeling the way I did.  Even those who might be a bit sceptical. I can attest to the fact that the treatments can be felt, and do rebuild a core and foundations to give you  back what was lost and provides support and a springboard to propel you forwards with rekindled enthusiasm and passion.

Rain Hitchman MD Matters of the Mind - Co-Founder Neuro Transformation Unlimited