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101 ways to enjoy getting older

24 April 2018

101 ways to enjoy getting older 101 ways to enjoy getting older

Perm with Gloria Hunniford

I spent a fabulous afternoon at a seminar with Dr Dawn Harper from Embarrassing Bodies last week. Gloria Hunniford was the host for 101 ways to enjoy getting older which explored themes such as; ageing well, longevity, health and considerations for us all.

At 78 years old, Gloria was an inspiring host. We found out that in 30 years time there would be virtually four times more people living past the age of 85.

There were some interesting discussions around how and why we are all living longer, so let’s start looking after each other now and start having those crucial conversations.

The key points I’m taking away from this fascinating day are that we should do the best we can to make ageing a good process and not something to be frightened off. A few top tips for embracing this period of our lives were to; eat well, look after your mind and your body and most importantly be kind to yourself and those around you and laugh lots at all times!