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Technology, Wellness & Humanity

18 November 2019

Technology, Wellness & Humanity Technology, Wellness & Humanity

What can you lose? Nothing.
What can you gain? Everything!

Technology has advanced what it means to be human, and that is as true for healthcare and wellness as it is for engineering and science. Wellness and technology don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Advances can move our quest for better health onward and I believe it should be taken advantage of. The pace of acceleration is fast. There is now artificial intelligence in robot form, something that in our childhoods would have seemed like science fiction and ‘out there’.

But change can be fearful and uncomfortable. It takes a brave soul to have that fist go at something new.

The fear of missing out is a thing. FOMO they call it. I can imagine some of us of a certain age can remember the first time we sent an email or got our heads around the internet. They seemed impossible and extraordinary 25 years ago. But then all of these possibilities have arisen and it can be overwhelming, where do we start with all of these newness?

Keeping up with all these new advances can be exhausting, think of your first mobile phone, I bet they weren’t an IPhone or Samsung. Yet who has a Nokia for example these days? Once the most popular brand. Moving with the pace of change and adopting certain changes can be extraordinarily beneficial. Not keeping up can be a shame. You just might be missing out on something amazing.

In the world of wellness that I work in, advances in technology can be viewed with scepticism and dare I say it an unwillingness to move forward with these changes.

There is a sense that we should somehow go ‘back to basics’ and concentrate on ancient and philosophical traditional therapies.

And whilst these can be indeed excellent, the power of acupuncture for example has been scientifically proven to reap benefits. It doesn’t mean that anything new or different or modern has to be necessarily less or wrong.

Bioresonance is the field I work in and when you talk of energy fields and cells, things that we can’t see, it can seem like a piece of science fiction. Healing with energy or energy medicine, surely not?

There is a machine involved in the treatment but it won’t affect you negatively, quite the opposite. But it isn’t oils or manipulation. It isn’t tangible to the uninitiated.

That is, until they have a treatment and suddenly these spooky modern machines show their true worth. People start to feel better and well. They come for a second treatment and it all begins to become more familiar. They were bold and ‘to the victor the spoils.’ Suddenly it isn’t new or strange, it’s healing.

It won’t be for everyone, which is why I combine the modern technology with ancient techniques learnt through my family. I like to offer the best of both worlds. It works. Sometime s people need to try something new. Especially if you’re traditional treatments have ceased to be as effective as they once were.

What can you lose? Nothing. What can you gain? Everything.