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Every good story…

22 February 2019

Every good story… Every good story…

…starts with the end, follows with the beginning and concludes with the middle, thought Oscar Wilde. So I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll soon see my story in print, as part of the fabulous ‘I am a woman who, 2019’, which celebrates the achievements of women in business.

To be asked to contribute was incredibly humbling as the Woman Who organisation does such wonderful work in supporting local business women like myself. It can be challenging and rewarding in equal measure having your own business and to be able to share my story with others has been a fantastic experience.

To have my story alongside such a formidable and strong group of women, whom I very much admire has been inspiring and the book will be available to buy at all of the Woman Who events as well as Amazon! The next events are in Birmingham on the 7th March, Coventry on the 8th and Leicester on the 11th.

I’ll send out the Amazon link on my social media channels when it is available. I hope you’ll find it inspiring and a jolly good read! It has certainly been a super experience for me and I’m sure everyone involved. Author and Director of Woman Who, Sandra Garlick, has done a tremendous job in supporting us all and I think for me that is the main takeaway. Support, inspire and mentor others because it’s inspiring as to what can be achieved.